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Join us at the World of Concrete 360 Virtual Forum 2021

Concrete is the most common man-made building material in the world. Engineers, contractors, and design professional around the world constantly want to learn the best practices in the concrete construction process. For the next few weeks, Indian concrete professionals will have an opportunity to learn some of the practices being adopted within North America.  Bill Palmer, editor for World of Concrete 360 and I have invited several key concrete experts to have conversations about several topics.

The World of Concrete 360 Virtual Forum launches on February 2.  All sessions will be available for you to watch on demand for your starting February 5 until April 15. Thanks to our sponsors, registration is free. You can register here:  https://www.worldofconcrete.com/en/virtual.html

You will notice many sessions will feature speakers from familiar companies. You shouldn’t be surprised. Indian contractors, engineers, and design professional have proactively encouraged adoption of those innovations that meet the unique challenges you overcome each day. And it’s not surprising concerns about productivity, safety, and long-term performance are global concerns.

I invite you to join the World of Concrete 360 community by doing more than just viewing our conversations. Sharing good practices are important aspect of our World of Concrete community. More than 300,000 attendees have participated in our educational classes and forums. And participating requires action.

Bill and I know that most of the World of Concrete 360 Virtual Forum participants will watch the sessions on demand. So we have included an opportunity and the promise to answer and address comments that you send us. I promise to track your comments and work our World of Concrete India team to address what we learn in future newsletters, and in the development of our educational offerings later this year.

Here are some of the sessions that should draw your interest:

When, Where, and Why Volumetric Concrete Mixers Improve Jobsite Productivity and Increase Revenue for Contractors and Producer

Volumetric concrete mixers are a proven technology that can be used to deliver up to 12 cubic yards of concrete on-site and on-demand to the exact mix proportions specified for many applications. In this general overview presentation learn from current volumetric users on how they have built successful businesses based on this technology.

How modular offsite construction will affect cast-in-place concrete construction

 Design professional are adopting the principals of modular, offsite, and industrialized construction to erect structures quicker, efficiently, and often at less total costs. Contractors have also benefited from these techniques as opportunities to lower crew size, better use work space, and reduce critical paths. In this session, Dean and Ryan will discuss the basic principles of these methods, why designers and building owners are adopting these methods, and the techniques or consideration contractors should consider adopting when approaching these projects.

 How Concrete is Contributing to a Resilient and Sustainable World

For more than a decade, researchers at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub have been documenting how concrete plays an important role in providing a more resilient and sustainable world. In the past year, the Hub has released important reports on this subject. Learn from two industry experts why these findings are important and what you can do to help in spreading the news. Emerging breakthroughs in concrete science and engineering suggest that concrete can be part of the solution when it comes to planning for a sustainable development that encompasses economic growth and social progress while minimizing the ecological footprint. MIT researchers have documented how these innovations are improving pavement and buildings and are helping grow our market-share.

Creating a Healthier Job Site Through Proper Tool and Equipment Selection

 In the last nine months, contractors have had to embrace new approaches to their common tasks. One lasting effect of these changes will be the incorporation of increased safety and health awareness by both worker and contractor. In many circumstances, an effective way to accomplish this is by proper tool and equipment selection. The conversation will be on the science behind the new tool innovations that will protect a worker’s overall health while performing several common tasks on a job site. From reducing worker exposure to back strains to protection, designing tools for better hand health, and reducing exposure to fugitive dust, contractors can create safer work sites. The session will also focus on what the future will bring.

Top 10 Innovations in Concrete Design and Construction

From new equipment to new ways of using technology, the concrete industry has not stopped innovating during the pandemic. WOC editors Rick Yelton and Bill Palmer will review the most impactful innovations of the past year and those that promise to emerge in the next few years, including slab tools, admixtures, and fiber-reinforced polymer reinforcement.

New Markets and Innovations in Interior and Exterior Concrete Flatwork

A panel of experts in concrete floors and pavement will discuss multiple applications that are gaining traction across the construction industry. Learn about jointless industrial floors, huge exterior industrial pavements, and polishing large industrial floors. These are huge new or expanding markets for concrete that your company needs to know about.

Innovative Materials and Techniques for Strengthening and Repairing Concrete Structures

Repair and strengthening of concrete continues to be an important segment of the industry. New techniques and materials are improving the quality of repairs and the productivity of those doing the work.

The Impact of Technology on the Concrete Industry

 During the pandemic, technological solutions have become even more important across the design and construction industry and that’s not going to change after the virus is gone. From education to operations, technology is dictating how we do business. In the concrete industry, solutions are abounding in the production and delivery of concrete. In construction, collaboration and estimating software, virtual reality, BIM, and laser scanning are becoming essential elements of how we do business. What technology will dominate in the next few years and what new tools are on the horizon?

Making Your Business Great Again After the Pandemic

The fundamentals of business won’t change: good planning and good people. But the ways we do business, will be different; there will be a new normal. What should construction leaders be focusing on right now? Long-term vision, company culture, relationships, and talent. Wayne Rivers and his team will explore the future of smart business—what to do now and what not to do.

 How Specialty Contractors Drive Collaboration and Deliver Quality

Each day, concrete, masonry, and other specialty contractors are faced with numerous challenges: winning work, coordinating with other trades, meeting accelerated timelines and tight budgets, and most importantly, maintaining employee safety. While balancing these challenges, they must deliver complex projects at the highest quality. To do this, specialty contractors turn to technology.



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