“India Is A Significant Market For Concrete Construction”

Abhijit Mukherjee
Project Director, India
Informa Markets

Concrete Update: Give us a sense of why and at what point WOC thought of India as a trade show destination?

WOC has always keenly followed the development of the Indian Infrastructure market. In fact, they had come to India and had tested the market by organizing a small version of the WOC. Having collated the info from their experience and their engagement with the Indian market, they feel that this is the right time to come into the Indian market in a big way like they have done in China. They want to give Indian concrete professionals a platform to engage with the international community to share knowledge and best practices.


CU: Tell us about the contours of the association between World of Concrete and Concrete Show India.

The contours will be that Informa Markets India will run the WOC India as they have been doing with Concrete Show India for the past 7 editions. WOC will be a knowledge partner, bringing facets of knowledge sharing on different platforms like education programmes, product demo, very focused seminars, and workshops. The exhibition will be a platform for international companies to explore the Indian market


CU: In what way will the rebranding impact the show?

The rebranding will be an exercise of combining Concrete Show India and WOC’s strength as two distinct brands. CSI will bring to the table a very close association with the Indian brands and a thorough knowledge of the Indian market with good outreach to the various stake holders. Whereas, WOC will add its vast knowledge on their education programmes and bring a confluence of the Indian concrete professionals to the International community.


CU: WOC has more than 40 years of history. What is the distinction that you draw from WOC editions abroad and in India?

As mentioned earlier, the WOC event in Las Vegas is very strong on the education and knowledge dissemination part, along with displaying the latest technology and products. So, knowledge sharing will be a powerful aspect of WOC India and the showcasing of the latest technology products and services, both from domestic and international brands.


CU: How will the collaboration of CSI and WOC benefit the Indian construction section?

It will open up the Indian concrete community to the latest technology and best practices, which will improve the productivity and quality of the output with the cost being controlled.


CU: How do you see the collaboration working on getting the right content to the audience in terms of exhibits and knowledge?

The event will have a strong component as far as education programmes and knowledge sharing are concerned through product demo workshops and various networking forums. It will also be a platform for the contractors’ community to share their experiences and be informed about the best practices


CU: What strategy has been planned to ensure incremental exhibitor participation and quality visitors?

Hopefully, the collaboration will bring in more international brands and experts ready to share their knowledge and technology with Indian partners. Also, since for WOC, the contractors are an integral part of their programmes, India’s contractor community is expected to gain more.


CU: Everyone is well-aware of COVID-19’s impact on the construction sector. What actions will be taken for the smooth execution of the event next year?

Informa Markets being a responsible player in the events business, has drawn up a very elaborate ‘All Clear’ SOP, which will be strictly adhered to during the event. We are also looking at the possibility of having a hybrid version of the event if interested exhibitors feel more at ease in digital participation against physical involvement.


CU: As an organizer, how do you assess the right exhibitor – is there a process of weeding out involved?

Weeding out is an ongoing exercise, which we have been doing over the years after completing every edition. We always have a procedure of validating and augmenting our database, and with WOC’s experience and knowledge on the same topic, the entire process will be fast tracked.


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