Company Description

RECKLI stand for creative freedom in concrete design. For 50 years, we have symbolised architectural concrete with the highest demands in terms of design and individuality. As a manufacturer of reusable elastic forms and matrices, planners and architects all over the world put their trust in us.

There are no limits to creativity. The combination of state-of-the-art machine technology with traditional craftsmanship allows the implementation of individual structures, graphics, photos and three-dimensional visualisation. In addition, RECKLI offer over 250 finished designs from a wide range of areas.

High-quality surface finishes, such as concrete retarders, concrete deactivators, photo concrete films, impregnations and protective systems, as well as products for colour surface design, make us the specialist for architectural concrete.

Product Profiles


• Formliners

- Standard Patterns

- Custom-Made Patterns

• Photo Concrete

- Photo Engraving

- 3D-Concrete

- Artico Neo

• Surface Retarders

• Ready to clad – UHPC Panels


• Impregnation Agents

- Colourless Impregnation Agents

- Effect Impregnation Agents

- Grafix

Concrete Mix

•l Kingcrete – Pourable UHPC

Featured Product for Concrete Show

• Formliners - Standard Patterns:

RECKLI formliners bring any imaginable idea on to the façade. Our application reports illuminate the diverse design possibilities through some practical examples and have a look at the cost effectiveness.

Our formliners give you freedom of design thanks to more than 200 designs: Stone and rock patterns, brickwork, wood, plaster, oriental, abstract and anti-slip-patterns, rib and wave patterns as well as broken rib effects patterns.

We have a huge range of 200+ standard patterns. Our formliners are reusable with guaranteed 10/50/100 reuses.

• Formliners - Custom-Made Patterns:

Custom-made formliners combine uniqueness with economic efficiency: Any imaginable design can be installed on to a façade with the elastic forms. In close cooperation with the customer, our in-house joinery produces a mould of the desired design based on custom-made sketches, onto which the formliners is then cast. Our custom-made formliners have also proven themselves in restoration projects, since they reproduce complex motifs in the exposed concrete that is true to detail and are easy on the budget thanks to their reusability

• Photo Concrete

Three technologies, three effects: Photo-engraved formliners transfer photos on to the façade, 3D formliners enable three-dimensional representations, artico neo impregnate images and graphics into concrete.

Innovation for 2019

• UHPC Panels

Ready to clad UHPC Panels come with Design freedom as you can choose from 250 + Standard RECKLI Patterns or provide us design of your choice. Panels’ minimum thickness can be as low as 12mm. It has double compressive strength as compared to traditional concrete & same flexural strength as traditional concrete. It has high wear resistance and improved impermeability to water vapour, chloride and other corrosive elements. The panels are bendable whilst curing hence can take up any shapes

•Kingcrete - Pourable UHPC

Kingcrete Pourable UHPC is used widely in the construction industry for producing products that are thinner, have higher strength or have to moulded into both intricate large scale designs or smaller fine products. This could be for architectural furniture, smaller products, facades, counter tops or wall and floor tiles.

The materials is usually delivered in a three-component kit (premix: powders pre-blended in bulk-bags or buckets; superplasticizers; and organic fibers).



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