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14-16 May 2020 at Hall No 4, BEC, Goregaon, Mumbai



RATEC GmbH, Hockenheim

About the company

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RATEC is trendsetter and innovation leader in the field of magnetic formwork technology for precast concrete production. For any formwork assignment we develop the suitable solution for precasters worldwide. Our standard solutions have proven their worth in tough practical testing. From the switchable magnet box up to complete formwork solutions for automated circulation plants, RATEC’s ideas have decisively shaped and influenced precast concrete production in the past 20 years. With upcrete® technology RATEC has developed another pioneering solution for precast concrete production. With the technology almost any conceivable precast concrete element geometry can be realized by pumping concrete into the mold from below.

The main upcrete® components are the UPP pump station and universal concrete inlet UCI, as well as suitable upcrete® battery systems and 3D molds. The flexibility of the system offers unique potentials for shaping, dimensions and economy – while at the same time achieving top quality and all sides smooth surfaces.

With over 70 employees, two production sites and an international network of representatives, the group offers innovative and economical solutions for the rationalization in precast concrete production.

Benefit from our experience and flexibility. Meet the better ideas!


Product segments

  1. Magnetic formwork technology

Profit from the benefits of leading formwork technology. RATEC develops and produces shuttering systems, shuttering magnets, assembly magnets and special formwork solutions according to the requirements of precast concrete plants and the individual customer’s needs, with the main objective to lower installation costs and to improve the quality of precast concrete elements.


  1. Upcrete® Technology

With upcrete® RATEC introduced a new dimension of precast concrete element quality. Almost every imaginable precast concrete element geometry can be manufactured with upcrete® in one work operation. For this, self-compacting concrete is pumped from below into a (partially) closed form. The flexibility of the system offers unique possibilities for design, element geometry and production process – with maximum quality and formwork-smooth surfaces on all sides at the same time.


  1. upcrete® Modular Housing

Based on RATEC's innovative upcrete® technology, the company successfully realized a modular housing production concept with the potential to revolutionize housing with prefabricated concrete elements. The basic idea is the production of a monolithic room module with floor, 4 walls and beams in one piece, including plumbing, wiring and sanitary fixtures and fittings. It is then complemented by the roof, separating walls, stairs, which are concreted in separate molds and assembled on site.



  • Shuttering magnets

  • Shuttering systems

  • Formwork handling equipment

  • Adapters for the fixation of shuttering material

  • Insert magnets & electrical box magnets, chamfer strips/magnetic reveal strips

  • Special formwork development & construction

  • Vertical and 3D volumetric casting moulds

  • Upcrete® battery systems

  • Upcrete® pump station UPP

  • Universal concrete inlet UCI

  • Upcrete® modular housing production technology

  • Production consultancy



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