Poly Flex

About Poly Flex:

Poly Flex is a Mumbai based company established in the year 2007 and has been offering innovative solutions for the construction industry. The founders of the company have decades of experience in the business industry and the rich experience helps us innovate and offer excellent products that ‘Add Life to Construction’.

We are currently offering various types of acrylic waterproofing products, ready to use liquid floor hardeners and anti-carbonation exterior paints. Recently we have added a revolutionary cement additive that enables concreting with untreated water. Ground water or even sea water could be used for concreting without losing any vital properties. This product not only helps save cost of construction, but also saves precious clean water that can be used for other useful purposes. In addition it also eliminates the use of multiple admixtures.

Product Profile Tags:

Green Cement, Anti Carbonation Paint, Concrete sealer (PCS), Surface Seal (SS)

Feature Products- Product that will be at display during the exhibition-

1)Concare B-14

CONCARE B-14 is a revolutionary product that would redefine concreting. Developed after years of trials and testing, it is a ready to use cement additive that eliminates the need to only use potable water for concreting. Untreated water such as ground water, hard water could be used in the concrete mix, without compromising the properties of the concrete. CONCARE B-14 enhances the overall properties of the concrete mix, thereby eliminating the need to use multiple admixtures. The cost of setting up and maintaining water treatment plants on-site or relying on tankers for usable water can be avoided. Pure water is a scarce resource, and with CONCARE B-14, it can be conserved and be put to better use.

2)Penetrating Concrete Sealer (PCS)

Flexi-Crete Penetrating Concrete Sealer (PCS) is a ready to use, clear, concrete sealer that strengthens, hardens, dustproofs and waterproofs floor. Flexi-Crete PCS reacts with the free lime available in the concrete and penetrates the concrete to seal its porosity.

It can be used as a floor hardener, concrete sealer and concrete densifier for various areas such as car parks, warehouses, industrial floors, factories, showrooms, etc. If required a shine can be obtained using appropriate polishing brush/pad.

3)Anti-Carbonation Paint (AC)

Flexi-Crete AC is a specially formulated acrylic paint with anti-carbonation properties, anti-fungal and waterproofing properties. It protects concrete against carbonation, salts such as chlorides & sulphates, and water permeability. It is best suited to be used as an exterior protective coating for buildings, bridges, and other concrete structures.

Benefits- USP of the product

1)Concare B-14

  • It improves/maintains alkalinity of concrete mass.
  • It is free of chlorides and sulfates.
  • It improves strength and durability of concrete
  • It improves density and compactness of concrete.
  • It significantly reduces water permeability of concrete.
  • It resists chloride attack in wet and hardened concrete.
  • It reduces corrosion to steel reinforcement.
  • It saves cement equivalent to twice of its quantity. Thus it contributes in economy and environment protection.
    (1 ton of cement produced, generates 1 ton of CO2)
  • It saves precious drinking water which is normally used for concrete.
  • It doesn’t generate any pollution during its manufacturing & eliminates any effluent during its use in concrete.
2)Penetrating Concrete Sealer (PCS)

  • Ready to use, no mixing/dilution required, easy to apply.
  • Penetrates the concrete by chemically reacting with the free lime.
  • Increases the hardness of the concrete. Can be used as a floor hardener.
  • Densifies and dustproofs concrete floors.
  • Provides better abrasion resistance.
  • Can be used on most concrete surfaces for waterproofing.
3)Anti-Carbonation Paint (AC)

  • It can be used to paint exterior surfaces, in place of conventional paints.
  • Higher film thickness compared to conventional paints.
  • Protection against carbon dioxide and chloride ion ingress.
  • Waterproofing, anti-fungal and anti-algae properties.
  • Easy bonding with plastered and concrete surfaces.
  • UV resistant.
  • Excellent Anti-Carbonation properties.




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