Dates & Venue:
14-16 May 2020 at Hall No 4, BEC, Goregaon, Mumbai


We at Natural Cemeco invent and offer products based on game changing material technologies to our clients enabling them to achieve competitive edge, enhance market position and reduce carbon foot print, supported by our world class material science lab and research team of renowned scientists. We are specialized in developing curing free fast setting binder technologies to cater the challenging needs of the fast track construction and repair. Geokrete a novel binder based on geo polymer containing no Portland cement sets fast and achieves strength very rapidly. It is ideally suited for repair of concrete roads and marine structures, concrete resurfacing and industrial flooring. Instacem, another type of binder containing a small percentage Portland cement is quick setting and curing free cement. It is ideally suited for repair of asphalt roads, rapid construction of floors and for all fast track construction projects.

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