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CHIR-AYU CONTROLS PVT. LTD, is a dynamic marketing and distribution channel marked by Growth, Innovation and Stability. It strives to be at the forefront in bringing the latest and best material testing equipments to its customers. Controls Testing Equipment is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Materials Testing Equipment. Controls as a group is constantly working to develop new and even more efficient instrumentation and apparatus for the construction industry.

A quality assurance system, ISO 9001 ensures accuracy, reliability and quality. Controls offer complete instrumentation and equipment for construction industry like Concrete, Soil Testing, Rock and Aggregates, Cement, Steel, Asphalt, Drying, Weighing and Grading.

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Soil Testing, Rock and Aggregates Testing, Concrete And Cement Testing, NDT (Non-Destructive Test), Steel testing, Asphalt (Road)

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A1410 PULSAR: A New Generation ultrasonic pulse velocity tester

Compliance with DIN EN 12504-4, BS 1881: Part 203: 1986, ASTM C597 – 16 and IS 516 (Part 5/Sec 1): 2018
A compact, ergonomic and easy to handheld ultrasonic pulse velocity tester for quality assessment of concrete compliant with valid international standards.

The instrument operates two dry-point-contact transducer arrays for through-transmitting up to 2.5 meters of concrete. Wear resistant wear proof ceramic tips of the transducers are insensitive to the surface condition and allow comfortable and robust operation on site by arbitrary surface condition. Hence, there is no need to apply coupling gel to prepare object surface for testing.

Time: 0 to 10000 µs,

Velocity: 1000 m/s to 15,000 m/s


The instrument is suitable for compressive strength evaluation of concrete.

• Evaluation of the load-carrying ability of concrete backbones and posts.

• Evaluation of porosity and fissuring of concrete.

• Evaluation of anisotropy in composite materials.

• Evaluation of the concrete aging

• Representation of measurement results in Wave-Form and Digital form

• SonReb Method implemented in Android App

• Automatic gain control for easy-going in-situ setting and operation

• Accurate crack evaluation

• Data transfer to smartphone via Bluetooth

• Data export in Excel

Supplied complete with traceable calibration certificate.

Exclusive Distributor M/s. CHIR AYU CONTROLS PVT LTD for ACS-Solution, Germany

AUTOMAX MULTITEST computerized control console

• Suitable for any kind of test from basic failure tests (compression, flexure, splitting, tension) through cyclic tests for elastic modulus and poisson ratio determination up to advanced displacement controlled tests

• Suitable for any type of sample, can be connected up to 4 frames ranging from 15 kN up to 5000 kN in compression and 500 kN in tension

• Test cycle with closed loop PID control automatically performed by pressing the start button via PC

• Double frame control, expandable to four, with active frame selection via software

Elastic modulus determination

User-defined test cycles and step programmable sequences

Real-time display of stress/time, stress/axial strain and stress/lateral strain diagrams

Automatic calculation of test results as per Standards requirements

Tensile tests on steel:

load/stress control and crosshead separation control

simultaneous display of: stress/elongation [mm], stress/time; stress/elongation [%] and elongation [mm]/time, with possibility to display multi diagrams

Displacement controlled test

Automatic calculation of test results according to EN 14651, 14488-3, 14488-5, UNI 11039-2, ASTM C1550, C1609, C947, UNE 83515

8 test pre-set testing procedures according to the above Standards

Customizable test procedure allowing desired loading history

Possibility to change in real time the test parameters: target load/displacement, control variable, test speed.

HPT Series Servo-Controlled Automatic Computer Controlled Univeresal Testing Machine.

CAPACITY : 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 kN UTM


FRONT OPEN CROSSHEAD :Hydraulic gripping system operated by push button panel

Load measurement by high precision load

PC CONTROLLED PID Closed loop system

SECOND FRAME CONTROL : Concrete compression up to 3000kN capacity or flexural frame

6 channels to measure elongation/displacement/strain with potentiometric, conditioned LVDT and magnetostrictive transducers, 4 channels for strain measurements with strain gauges and 2 channels for load sensors: load cell/pressure transducer

Digital multi-coefficient calibration curve


Tensile tests on steel rebars and rounds up to 78 mm dia and flats up to 72 x 100 mm

Wire strands and electro-welded steel screen, Transverse tests and Bend re-bendon steel specimens

Brinnel, Shear, Wire rope, Nut bolt etc


Remote control of the complete system for automatic test execution

Simultaneous display of stress/time, stress/elongation %, elongation/time and stress/elongation;

Possibility to overlap two elongation/stress graphs

Elaboration of tension test results: ReH, ReL or Rp, A, Ag, At, Agt, Ae, Rt, Z,

For compression, flexure and indirect tensile test on concrete, cement specimens and other



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